Rolling Blunder

On aspirations, I have nothing to say.  I’m convinced that almost everyone wants a lot of money, but no one wants to work for it.  People go to work and pride themselves on how little they accomplish.  ‘I got paid to do nothing today.’  Long days are filled with nothing.

I’ve seen a few movies.  I’ve taken some pictures, sometimes moving pictures even.  I can direct.  I want to be a Hollywood director.  I’ve read a few books.  I’ve composed several emails, some approaching narrative even.  I can write.  I want to be a Hollywood screenwriter.  I’ve been there, saw that, and remembered not my lack of involvement, for I was a part of it.  Whatever it was, I could swell it, tell it and sell it again.

I’m a go-getter whose main preoccupation is anything but getting or going.  I’ve made a million in my mind before I’ve got one in my pocket.  There’s one thing I can rely on – luck.  The successful are always lucky, for they must’ve done everything I’m doing, but with more fortune.

Enough fooling around.  I may not be successful, but I’ve never known failure.

I get so tired…waiting for someone to discover my talent.  I would really like to know what it is.  Why doesn’t anyone know I’m the greatest whatever ever?  Well, I’ll show you.

Ahem…excuse me, but what would you like to see?


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