It’s alright to dislike your job, but you still have to do it – so do it well!  Otherwise, you’ve not only wasted your time, but probably the time of others who have to pick up the slack for you.  Whatever.  I loathe my job.  I’m sitting here, already late and not in a hurry to move.  I’m storing up energy for when I punch-in, so to speak.  I get a headache, or my back will start cramping up, whenever I am within 3km of the office.  Gives me a reason to be miserable all day long!!  I try not to be miserable, but it’s nearly unavoidable.

I awoke with some degree of clarity this morning.  I think I understand why I loathe my job.  It’s not because I hate the mechanics of my work.  It’s definitely not because I don’t like my co-workers.  I like my desk and my chair.  My computer’s alright.  The coffee is free.  The pay is average, but there’s room for growth.  I can function at work with relative independence.  I can wear whatever clothes I feel like wearing on any given day, ranging from informal business attire to sweats.  What is there to complain about?

Well, for starters, there’s you.  The person who hates their job, who doesn’t excel at work, who spreads their misery wherever they can.  Seriously, if some people spent as much energy on their daily tasks as they did on being miserable – there would be no reason for anyone to be miserable in the first place.  If you’ve ever watched ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ you will understand the irony of this statement.  ‘Be happy in your work.’

I think there needs to be more pride in workmanship.  When I go to work, or anywhere for that matter, I set goals, so I can have a sense of accomplishment.  Task done…perfectly.  Good show, jolly good show!  On to the next problem, another solution, another accomplishment.  I’m not that good though.  I’m not always attentive and diligent.  I’m not always coherently conscious.  I don’t always show up for work and I sometimes check out on reality.  It felt good to skip school when I was younger and it feels just as good to skip work or some other equally important function now that I am older.

To be young in spirit.  Going to work is no different than going to school.  Learn, have fun, be with friends.  Oh, but I guess some people had a hard time at school, socially, academically, whatever.  Well, tough shit.  One has to take work serious, but does not always have to be serious.

If it’s any condolence to my employer, I never showed up for school on time either.  But when I got there…it was game over.  There aren’t many people who can play with me for long.


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