Fluidity of One

Everything’s out there.  I am nothing more than a filter.  I have no knowledge, no idea or concept that I can rightfully call my own.  These things flow through me.  A trickling stream and raging rapids – one does not imply the absence of the other.

Stop watching opposites.  Stop thinking black and white.  Up is less down, but there is always a further up and a greater down.  Black is less white.  Pink is less red.  Living is less dead.  Varying states of one.  There is no other end of the spectrum.  Every point is the beginning, the middle, the end, the before and the after.  “If on Earth there be a paradise of bliss.  It is this.  It is this.  It is this.”

We all see the same words, but their meaning is different for each of us. 

We define everything in terms of difference, so it is natural for us to simplify the rule of difference into distinct opposites.  We gave up the beautiful fluidity of the whole in exchange for ease of understanding.  Dangerous.


One Response to Fluidity of One

  1. telsky says:

    “It is said that man can what he wills.” By day, by night, this is what drives me.

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