Time at the Foot of Vesuvius

No time for now, busy making time for later.

Time is a funny thing.  It moves at different rates under different conditions.  The primary influences on time are gravity and speed.  I am, by no means, a physicist.  But here’s something I sometimes think about…

If someone has an IQ within the 98th percentile, the assumption is they could make synaptic connections quicker than someone with a lower IQ.  If this is true, then the higher IQ is computing faster than the lower IQ.  Does this mean the higher IQ is consciously alive longer than the lower IQ, even if they both live exactly 18250 days?  Are days longer in the mind of genius?

Or is this a question of consciousness versus the experience of reality? 

I don’t know what to believe anymore.  I don’t know if anything is genuine, other than my doubts.  I believe in the lie my mother told me every time I scraped my knee;”Everything’s going to be alright.”  It’s simply not true.  The skin of my knee will grow back, only to be left on some dumb-ass sidewalk again.  But if that sidewalk happened to be somewhere in Pompeii on August 24 79AD, then what could one do?  Well, I might think I’m walking on that sidewalk, but I know my children (whenever they might be) are already and will always be closer to the foot of Vesuvius than I.

Everyone has a reason to speak, but the reason often has little to do with the subject of their speech.

Mine is to reason why, then do or die.


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