Not what I meant.

Relationships are weird.  So are people.  I don’t pretend to understand anyone, but I do try to switch paradigms.  I try to think with other’s minds.  I watch people, wonder about their history, their desire, their motivation.  What are you thinking about?  I wish I could listen, unfiltered. 

People are angry more often than not.  We feel alone.  We are surrounded by strangers who feel alone.  A million faces with the same absent expression.  We’re all in a hurry and everyone is in our way.  If you’re not with me, you’re against me.  Let’s fight with our cars, body language, senselessness. 

Let me email you in language free from semantics, so you’ll never truly grasp what I mean.

Television is a source of false reality and shallow conversation; the playground of inactivity.  Television breeds dissatisfaction, showing you everything you’re not but should be.  The real programming on TV is commercials.  Broadcasters put various shows on air to ensure you’re on the couch for the commercials.  The television watches you as much as you watch it.  You can sit in front of the TV with your family for an entire evening and not speak a single word. 

People get pissed when you talk in a theatre. 

The Internet brings the world to my fingertips and I find it invasive for all the accompanying shit.  I spend more time keeping things out, than bringing things in.  Computers aren’t spamming me, sending me digital disease, or trying to take me over – people are. 

These media are not bringing people together.

People had more to say when there was less opportunity to speak.  Conversations rarely move in an upward (positive) direction.  They will start positive and gradually degenerate as the participants run out of things to say.  We are talking more shit today than ever before.  The problem with shit is it bogs you down.

 This is not the direction I planned on following from the beginning at all!

Anyways…the point is that we’re feeling alone and the distance between us grows daily.


One Response to Not what I meant.

  1. telsky says:

    Is this blog my mechanism for talking to you? Or others? It’s interesting; I’ve always known you’ve been deep in thought. I’m hardly angry; I can see past the daily grind… I’m more so disatisfied in parts of my life or with people in those parts. Not you, or my family, or my friends. I can’t say specifics – this isn’t the place. There is seperation… elements of design, design for simplicity, speed, ease of use, and convenience. Our convenience is destroying our society, seperating us from reality, like you said, daily. From self check-outs in Loblaws, self check-ins at the airport, online reservations, online delivery, blogs, e-mail – our desire for convenience is killing our perspective of realism. We’ve built this life, we are the convenience.

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