One Less

There is friction (resistance) when two things meet.  Erosion is inevitable.  Water is master.  Wind, it’s servant.  Us, it’s slave.  We are strange amongst Earth’s animals.  Intelligent enough to define survival of the fittest, but not fit enough to survive.  We are an enigma, riddled with irony.  We destroy that which gives us life.  There is one less fresh breath for each tumbling tree, billowing smokestack, or SUV.  There is someone less safe for the freedom of each CFC.  There is one less fish for each drop of pollution in the sea.  One less cure for each new pill pushed on the pharmacy.  Destrudo is our psychological self-destructive tendency.  So much attention on the ‘me’ and never enough universality.  The Earth is a platter upon which we will be served as a sun-fried, salt-soaked delicacy.


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