Coffee, Smoke & A Jay Bird (it might be ugly today)

I wake up every morning and drink at least three mugs of coffee.  I don’t sleep in.  I like to wake up early.  Quietest time of the day.  The city still wipes the sleep from its eyes.

Desire is so confused with need.  Somewhere, sometime, there was some psycho-scientific cross-breeding experimental advertising and we muddled it all up.  I have a hard time differentiating my desires and my needs.  Buddha tells me desire is the seed of suffering.  Some say suffering is the root of dissatisfaction.  A salesman would say dissatisfaction is the trunk of consumerism.  All branches of the consumer process spring from and are supported by manufactured dissatisfaction.

If I am unhappy, then I need to change something about my self, not my wardrobe, lodgings or transport, etc.

If everyone’s an idiot, then there’s something wrong with my perspective.

If the world is ugly, then I am ugly.

There is an external reality, but I don’t experience it.  I only get to nibble on the drabs which manage to squeeze through all of my filters.

Cancelled my television subscription.  The world is inside and outside of me, but never on TV.

Time to focus on the filters.


One Response to Coffee, Smoke & A Jay Bird (it might be ugly today)

  1. darnube says:

    The concept of happiness is merely another product which we have all been sold. As long as we continue to strive for our cultural (North American) definition of happiness we will all be dissatisfied.

    We can all use focusing on our filters…

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