Divorce Tax

I don’t really believe in the necessity of having the church or the state endorse my relationship.  If I want to be with you, I will be with you.  If I create something with you, than I will see it through, for better or for worse.  This is me.  This is how I feel.  I am always here, even when I am not.

The church is gracious enough to mind its own business, but the state interferes with the concept of common law.  A legal commitment is thrust upon us after a certain amount of time – twelve months of co-habitation, I think.

This is forced on my relationship because more than a third of you cannot control yourselves.

146 618 couples were married in Canada in 2001.  3841.39 of them ended in divorce within 3 years.  Every year, an average of 146 916 couples get married versus 70 803 couples who are divorced (Stats Canada 2001-03).  Whoa!  37.6% of marriages end within 30 years.  If you know ten couples, there’s a strong possibility four of them will end in divorce.

How can so many people be misguided?

I would think if the government wanted to interfere, they ought to where it is most appropriate – right at the end of a relationship.  Introduce a Divorce Tax Law and suck as much money (assets) out of the failing couple as possible.  There are hard costs associated with divorce – court time, social services for the disrupted children, law enforcement in some cases, etc.  The government should devise tactics to recuperate funds directly from the people who tap them the most.  The beauty of the Divorce Tax is not only will it act as a deterrent to most, it will unify couples who are most in need of unification (they have the government tax as a common foe!).

I’m going to a wedding today & this is what I am thinking about.  Nice, eh?


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