As king

There’s one thing I think the most maniacal among us have in common is that they believe they are here for some great (divine) purpose.  Hitler believed he was destined for greatness and whatever thought arose in his mind was divine and must be carried out.  When he survived the assassination attempt in July 1944, this only confirmed his belief in his divine ‘mission’.  He would not die until his purpose had been fulfilled.  Idi Amin…same thing.  I’m sure the same thoughts exist(ed) in the minds of Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Pot, Castro, Bush, and any other dictator of note.  This over reinforced belief in the righteousness of one’s mission is to compensate for self-doubt and it is dangerous.

Be weary of the strong man who claims to have no fear, for only fools fear nothing. 


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