Chaos at Canada’s Wonderland

We went to Canada’s Wonderland on Victoria day.  Beautiful weather with sunshine and cool breeze.  Bad day to go to Wonderland, though.  It was busy as hell.  People everywhere. 

Positive things first.  Drop Zone is a great way to get your blood flowing.  I walk off that ride and I am shaking!  Exhaling on the way was the best way to maintain control and watch the scenery.  I held my breath the first time and it hurt the organs floating around in my belly!  Vortex for speed and Top Gun for maneuvering (& speed!).  You have to sit in the front of both of these roller-coasters for the full experience. 

We were there for eight hours and managed to get on five rides.  Thank goodness we bought seasons passes, otherwise it would have been a terrible waste of $52 (each) plus parking.

Here’s the frightening thing – the rides kept breaking down.  Top Gun was down for at least 10mins of every hour.  Vortex was stopped for about 20mins and then some empty trains were sent around the track…for testing I guess.  If you’re self-destructive, such as myself, this only adds to the thrill and excitement of the ride.  However, if you are among the more cautious folk, then watching this while you wait could be very disheartening.

Here’s the irritating thing – punk ass kids kept budding into the lines & no one would ever say anything.  Second last ride, my girlfriend and I snapped.  She mentioned something to one of the Wonderland Employees (WE), who promptly called security.  The security guards were reprimanded by the miscreants’ mother and the budders were allowed to stay in the park. 

Last ride (Drop Zone), same thing happened.  This time we were with my girlfriend’s mother, who is wonderful in these situations.  She spoke out loud and adamant.  She attracted everyone’s attention, including the WEs attending the ride.  It was hilarious.  They asked her to point out the offenders, but she was hesitant.  Someone else spoke up, “You mean the CHEATERS?  You looking for the CHEATERS?”  The WEs encouraged everyone in line to BOO until the two budders left the line.  Everyone did.  These two guys had to fight through the crowd and leave the ride.  When they did, everyone cheered.

Here’s the thing – I don’t think anyone would have done anything about it.  No one spoke up until my girlfriend’s mother made a stink and the WEs proved they would do something about it.  Then people joined in.  If no one had spoken out, everyone would have taken it on the chin and walked away upset.  I don’t understand why people don’t stand up for themselves (when they are not in their cars!).

I’ve seen this so many times before.  People are agitated about some situation at work or school.  If their complaints are legitimate & justified, I will take a stand with them.  I will do this whether I stand to benefit directly or not.  I do it for the principle of fairness and the sake of a potentially good fight, plus I am not a huge fan of the status quo.  I approach the boss, the professor, or whoever and present the case.  The others are inevitably called out to stand with me, usually by the boss, professor, or whoever, and no one makes a peep.  I’m left looking like an agitator with my foot in my mouth. 

The lesson I learned from these experiences (and there are many in my past!) is to look out for myself and leave people to wage their own wars.  I pick, fight and win my own.  I’m good at it, lots of practice.


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