Food & Fresh Water

If you ever wonder why we (humans) are engaged in constant warfare, just watch how chimpanzees establish and defend their feeding grounds.  It’s marvelous, for chimps (our closest relative), but not so for us.  Aren’t we supposed to be more intelligent than a jungle creature?  Oops…we are jungle creatures, the smartest of the them all (according to us!).  We’re intelligent enough to envision ideals, but not wise enough to achieve them. 

 Just by virtue of our numbers, we’ve thrown the natural balance of nature out of whack.  The feeding chain is very top heavy & soon the foundation will crack, crumble and collapse.  Nationalism will overtake self-determination in the struggle for survival in the tough times which are bound to come.  We will give up our liberty for some fresh water and real food.  If a Nation cannot provide, it will be swallowed by one which can. 

We need to make some hard decisions regarding our collective future.  We need to re-establish the natural balance of the planet.  This will have to include moderating population growth, harnessing natural sources of energy & a more equitable distribution of wealth.

It will never happen.  The planet will do it for us.  The strong are more likely to survive & there is none stronger (here) than Earth, so odds are in the planet’s favour.


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