Walk Like An Encryption

We are so irreversibly backwards it makes my head spin past the point of no return.  Two headlines from the same magazine rack, “Janet’s shocking weight gain” & “Angelina’s shocking weight loss”.  Too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb, too fast, too slow, too drunk, too stoned, too sober, too boring.  Milk is good for you, then it’s bad.  How can bovine hormones help humans?  Simple…by turning most of us into fat cows.  All the cops in the doughnut shop go way-oh way-oh way-oh way-oh!  Dowahdidee, isn’t she pretty, the fat of her legs all dirt and gritty?  Cars killed the city.  I’ve got smog on my mind and the radio plays someone else’s song of sorrow, might be mine on the morrow.  Crack that whip, break your momma’s back. 

I saw a fat man have a big mac heart attack.  He fell back and broke his head on the tiled floor, didn’t hurt.  He was dead before he landed.  His Coca-Cola spilt all over the floor, mingling with the blood draining from the split in his head.  I didn’t want to get my new shoes dirty, so I stepped aside and continued my window shopping.  There was an obese girl wearing tiny girl clothes sitting with a skinny girl who was almost naked, each as pronographically ugly as the other, but not as ugly as the old man oggling them, wishing they were swinging around a pole or the teenager who tried to catch a peek of panty and a peak of ecstacy.  Relax, don’t do it. 

Unimaginative people shopping for nothing to do.  Bill Gates can go flip burgers.  I’m hungry.  Let’s erect a penis in honour of Huey Lewis & the news about the decline of Zoroaster on the religious charts.  The devil inside makes me write these strings.  I’ve just chewed about three pounds of sour gum balls.  My tongue is burning with the flames of hell.  The devil is inside my mouth.  The greatest blight in anyone’s life is actionless meaning or meaningless action.  Do this don’t do that, can’t you read the signs?


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