Let Us Prey

What is prayer?  The act of communicating with a deity, an entreaty, an urgent plea?  A prayer is an act of asking, begging someone or something other than one’s self for benevolence.  We beseech an all-loving, all-forgiving, all-knowing, unknown deity to forgive and free us from our chronic wrong-doing, but we hesitate to forgive each other. 

Did the commandment read, ‘Thou shalt not murder a Christian’?  ‘Thou shalt not steal from a Christian’?  ‘Thou shalt not covet thy Christian’s wife’?

‘Thou shalt not survive.’ 

This is one of the commandments which were never scribed.  We all die.  The cultures we represent perish.  The buildings we erect are reclaimed.  Animals become extinct.  All that once was is no more, so to shall it be for all that is.

From mudhuts to mansions, ashes to dust, just like the rest of us.  Closer to death with every breath. 

Why do we cheat, rob, kill, exploit and destroy?  Why is the President of The United States always the same man?  Why does power corrupt?  Why do we lust for power?  Why do we self-destruct? 

Why are laws (commandments) so pleasurable & profitable to break?  Is ‘thou shalt not murder’ just like ‘thou shalt not skip school’ on a subconscious level?

We’re here for an astrological blink and do everything we can in that precious time to carve our destructive signature on the face of Mother Earth or the heart of humanity.

All of the packaging on my food is a lie.  All of the news is a lie.  All status is misgiven.  All of what you know is mostly mistruths.  There is an ultra-top-secret history of civilization, black and blotted out of our collective consciousness.  We do not want to acknowledge that, deep in the murky depths of our minds, we are animals – savage, wild and lethal.  It is not evil.  It is life.

The War on Terror is a 20th century re-creation of the Roman gladiator games.  Emporer’s would stage glorious, exotic exhibitions of death to satiate the public lust for blood and thus curry their favour.  The bloodier the event, the better the Emporer.  CNN is the new Coliseum, but there are other smaller, regional coliseums – FOX, NBC, CBC, etc.  I’m guilty.  I watched every excruciating, boring second of the OJ Bronco chase.  I watched the tracer fire over Kuwait.  I watched the initial coverage of the invasion of Baghdad.  Regardless of how I felt or what I was thinking whilst watching, I am guilty of boosting the prestige of the coliseum.

I don’t have television anymore.

If no one believes our politicians, it’s time for the politicians to go.  If no one believes in our debt-soaked dollar, then it’s time to burn the dollar.  If no one believed in anything, than there would be nothing more powerful than us.  Faith usurps power from the penitent.  The faithless are strong.  Don’t believe.  Know.

Know you can be better than your previous self.  Know that you have the power to change your world.  Know that no one else will do it for you.


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