Feces of the Species p.II (Animal Human)

We are, without a doubt, the strangest and sickest species on this planet.  WordPress is fantastic for tracking statistics, including ‘search terms’ people used to find your web log.

Here’s a search string which recently appeared in my stats: “innocent children pee pics”.  All of these words appear individually somewhere on my WordPress pages, but not all together & this is definitely the first time I’ve written about “innocent children pee pics” on the whole.

I’m not sure why someone would want to see pictures of something like this.  It could be that they’re collecting photos for a new how-to book on toilet training children, but more than likely, the search had a more dubious intent.

The Internet is only partly wonderful, but mostly dark, dreary and bad.  People can be themselves on the Internet because it’s too easy to hide behind some anonymous monicker.  People, for the most part, are not all right.  There’s a lot of shit simmering beneath the surface.  If you look at humanity as though it were a single ‘being’, then Humanity is scary.  Humanity is sick.  Humanity is severely unbalanced.  Humanity is a blight.

What kind of sick, depraved animal satiates (gratifies) itself on the exploitation of children?  How do you deal with abominations such as this?


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