Nothing is Real, but Chaos

September 29, 2007

“Nothing is real and we cannot say anything about what things are doing when we are not looking at them.”  This is a working rule of quantum physics.  In effect, “Something has to be observed to be real.”  But we’re faulty viewers who can only see ‘big things’ within a very limited spectrum of light & we have a tendency to misinterpret what we observe.

“In all natural processes the entropy of the world increases.”  This is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  Entropy is the measure of disorder in a process (system) or energy lost due to a lack of equilibrium.  In effect, all natural processes will degenerate into disorder and energy loss.  I have a tendency to interpret things philosophically, but isn’t this a perfect description of the world which we’ve created?

We seem to be organized.  We have telecommunications, public transit, international flights, global positioning systems, the Internet, etc.  We keep a mass of complex schedules meshed together and running relatively smoothly.  But if we were to put this ‘high-energy’ system slightly out of balance (remove public transit or radar, for instance) – the system would quickly degenerate into chaos and the result would be energy loss (slowing down).

If we were to put the system seriously out of whack (i.e. remove electricity – shutting down all organizing systems) and the system would collapse in an astronomical instant, which is marginally longer than an earthly instant!

Don’t worry about it, though.  According to the 2nd Law – the breakdown I write of is inevitable.  It WILL happen.


I know not, but the more we rely on technology we do not fully understand, the more susceptible we are to chaos.

Think about your life…what do you do that does not require some form of electricity (energy)?  Reading in the sunlight?  Where did the paper come from?  What about the ink and the binding?  Going for a walk?  You need energy (calories) to do that.  Are you growing your own food?  Probably not.  The current oil to calorie ratio is something like 10:1.  It takes 10 units of fuel to produce 1 unit of caloric (food) energy.  So that walk you thought was free, is not.

We cannot do anything without some source of fuel energy.  The entire system is built upon it.

That little Y2K scare was a warm up.


Who knows?

September 28, 2007

I don’t have a noble profession.  I work in the alcohol industry.  I don’t like drinking.  I don’t like drunk people.  I especially don’t (really) like myself when I am drunk.  It’s a poison & through virtue of association, I become evil when I imbibe.

I would like to entertain people in movie theatres and bookstores (someday!), but I am not sure this is a noble profession either.  I am not sure of anything anymore.  Writing is noble if it’s intent is to provoke thought, to teach.  I like to create uniquely dystopian realities and fiddle about with human actions within.  You would never want to be a hero in one of our stories, maybe in the new one, but this one is different.

The new story is fun.  I want to entertain with this one.  I want action from the beginning to the end.  There’s no time for romance.  I took something that bothers me about movies and switched it around.  I won’t ever write about the specifics of any of my ideas here.

I was hung up for five weeks at a certain point.  I didn’t think about the problem for the whole time, I needed a little holiday.  I finally figured it out the other night.  Essentially, I was stuck in the middle of some farmer’s field in the middle of Oklahoma.  I had a way out, but it wasn’t complete.  I mean, I could get away from the field, but I couldn’t get away from this means of conveyance once away from the field.


I think it will work.  I’ve been working on it for the past few nights.

I’m running long.  If I want to stick with a 120-page limit, then I’ve got 24 pages left.  I’m close to the conclusion, but not that close!  Damn.  I’ve read and re-read the first eighty pages so many times…I don’t know what I could cut out.  It’s lean & it moves.  I have a couple of scenes which aren’t essential to the plot, but these are only three lines of action each (at most!).

I still don’t know if I like it or not.  I am always up & down.  Right now…down.  I think it’s shit.  I would like to finish in the next week or so, then start re-working.  H & I are due to start working together in about four-five weeks.  That’s my deadline.

I need to be doing this.  I need H to be happy with it.  We need to have some fresh output for this year.  I want to be clear of #7 by the end of next year.  I am a firm believer in moving forward.  We learn something new every time we start a new project.  I think these lessons would be missed if we kept reworking the same material over and over again.  We always try writing something a little different than what we’ve done before.  We always try to do something that’s never really been done…not sure we’re going to be successful if we follow that formula!!

We can always return to some old (crappy) project and edit.  The more first draft material we have down, the better.  For instance, we already have three…all three need to be reworked – no doubt.  Knowing this, it is better for us to move forward and try something new, learn something more, move forward a few more steps.

We haven’t edited #1 since it was written.  We’ve edited #3 three times.  #3 still needs work.  I think we might have made changes too soon, or we didn’t make the right changes.  Time and experience are the only things that can help us with this.  When we finally edit #1 – the work we do will be far better than the sum of all three edits on #3.  We will have spent more time gaining more experience and will be better writers then than now.

The first draft is the toughest.  Just get something on paper.  It’s much easier to change something than to craft from nothing, even if you’re completely yanking the scene (it’s one less option – plus you have a better sense of what will work by seeing something that doesn’t!).

 So there I am…page 96…and still a long way to go.  Home sweet home.

I have a confession.  This is the first feature length script I have written alone.  Do I prefer it to working with a partner?  I don’t think so.  I really enjoy the creative energy and dynamic of working with H.  I think we compel each other to be better, to excel.  I will probably always have a side project on the go (from here on in), but the main focus is the partnership.  We started together and we will finish together.  This is the nature of true partnerships.  This is why I am confident we will succeed together.  It will take time, but mark my words, we will succeed.

We are exceptional at what we do…we just need to work on format!!  That’s the easy part (I think!).

The Validity of a Response.

September 21, 2007

As you read through this web log – do I really sound hateful and narrow-minded?  Or, is that how certain readers read my crap?  We see everything through our predispositions, but I’m also writing through my predispositions.  So, what’s valid?  My thoughts or yours?

I may be contentious.  I may be inconsistent.  I may write things that upset your sensibilities.  I may be the dumbest person to ever walk the planet.  But I am open and available to your comments, whether I like them or not. 

I consider everything you say or write.  I weigh it against my experience, knowledge and understanding.  I try to share your paradigm.  That doesn’t mean we will agree in the end.  It means nothing other than I do not outrightly disregard you.

My thoughts are no more or less important than yours.  My ideas are no more or less enlightened than yours.  The greatest of all achievements is an open and honest dialogue between two contrary points, between you and I.

I am far from perfect.  I am far from being free from the sticky grip of ignorance.

Business & Religion

September 20, 2007

Moral question – what happens when someone’s religion interferes with your business?

For instance, I have a supplier who failed to meet their commitment to deliver to me by a certain time – first it was yesterday afternoon, then by 10am this morning, then by 1pm, then 2:30pm.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and arrived at 3pm.

The job was still not finished and no one was actually working, most of the staff were busy praying.

I respect people’s choice to believe in something – I don’t care if it’s religion – but if the choice interferes with thier ability to fulfill business commitments, then how understanding should I be?  Not at all, some, a little bit, completely?

 They made to commitment to me.  They blew it because you were busy praying for ‘whatever’, presumably a better ‘metaphysical life’ or ‘afterlife’. 

Ironically, thier non-action in their ‘actual life’ may have a practical cost that will directly influence their material well-being.  I may be less inclined to use this supplier in the future, not because of any religious affiliation, but because their ‘word’ is unreliable.

 Funny someone who is pious enough to pray daily would inspire so little ‘faith’ in their ‘word’ (commitment).

Business and religion do NOT jive, unless you’re in the very profitable business of religion.

And this is what it boils down to – people don’t think they need to BE pious if they are ACTING pious.  Respect thy neighbor, only if thy neighbor is me!

You have to do more than put on a minx coat to be a minx…you know what I mean?!

How would you feel if someone failed to fulfill a commitment because they were busy experimenting with mathematics (or some other hard science unrelated to the business at hand)?

You’d be upset because it’s a waste of your time. 

And science MIGHT actually have something positive in store for humanity, the Universe or something.  I’m not convinced ‘religion’ can make the same positive claim!

What Happened to Hitler’s Nose?

September 18, 2007

Hitler the hypocrite idealized an Aryan ideal (blonde hair, blue eyes – blah, blah, blah) and encouraged women to have children, plenty of them.  As a matter of fact, couples with lots of children were rewarded and those who could not or did not conceive were fined (punished).  But Hitler himself would not father any children for fear that he did not live up to the Aryan ideal he so zealously believed.

Hitler led a eugenics program which sterilized hundreds of thousands of mentally or terminally ill Germans.  Sterilization quickly became medically endorsed murder.  The claim was to reduce the burden on a healthy German State.  The other part of the equation was the purification of Aryan blood – they hoped to rid themselves of disease through a 600 year campaign of eradication.


This is a picture of Hitler around 1939 (not 100% sure) – I don’t know who he’s sitting with.  The picture below is Hitler in 1945.  Looking good, eh?!


Hitler is 56 years old in this photo.  His shoulders are hunched over.  His chest looks like it collapsed.  He had an uncontrollable twitch in his right arm.  He could barely use his right hand.  His face is sallow.  It looks like he aged about fifty years in only five.  But what happened to his nose?

Here’s the kicker.  A recent idea is that Hitler was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.  There has been long speculation about syphilis.  Either way, Hitler would not have survived his own eugenics program.

Adolf Hitler would become one of the last victims of said eugenics program with a self administered dose of poison.

And the world was rid of his disease.

The Downside of Balconies

September 16, 2007

I live in an apartment building.  It’s nice, quiet & there aren’t too many bad apples in the building.  Well, except for the people who live above us.  They sweep their balcony over the edge and onto ours!  At some point in the summer, either a dog or a human urinated over the edge, stinking up and staining part of our balcony.  But the event that broke my silence was about a week ago.

I woke up and went outside for my coffee and cigarette.  After a few minutes, I realize that I am almost resting my elbow in some orange gunk.  It was kind of like carrot soup.

Someone had vomitted over the edge.  I was on the verge of doing so myself!  I fancy myself logical and deductive.  I examined the dispersal of the ‘vomit splatter’.  Our balcony had one concentrated spot.  The balcony below had two, but close together.  The balcony beneath that one had two – these ones spread out even further.  And so on.  I think four balconies were affected.  None of them had the one concentrated spot.  It must’ve come from the balcony directly above.

Further to this – they had a mop resting over their railing for the better part of a week afterwards.  Someone cleaned up a mess up there!

Since then, they have not apologized.  They have not offered to clean up the mess.  Nothing.  I find that very rude.

I offer the following picture as proof that this is a true story.  Beware…this is a picture of vomit.


Mangling Mengele

September 13, 2007

One of my primary reading subjects is history.  I find the history of conflict very compelling.  My main area of interest is the Second World War, with a specific focus on the Third Reich. 

I’ve read a lot about the National Socialists (NSDAP), the Wehrmacht, Abwehr, Luftwaffe, Schutzstaffel (SS).  I’ve read about the Nazi war strategy and it’s failures.  I’ve read about the Concentration Camps, the Einsatzgruppen (travelling murder squads). 

I’ve read about such notables as Himmler, Hitler, Goebbels, Goring and so on. I knew these men were an abomination.  I knew the Third Reich is a horrible stain in the history of humanity. I did not fully comprehend how completely disgusting these people were.  I still don’t fully appreciate it. 

However, my recent reading concerning doctors, medicine and science in the Third Reich has made me realize how much more I need to learn, how much more disgust I need to cultivate. 

The Nazis, without a doubt, are the worst collection of people to have ever united on this planet. Last night, I became a little more intimate with the story of Josef Mengele.  josef-mengele-1935.jpgHe was supposed to have been the camp physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but he did nothing to help anyone. He considered himself both a doctor & a geneticist…he was neither.  

His every action was contrary to the Hippocratic Oath.  His every experiment was a slap in the face of scientific method (empiricism). He experimented on twins.   If you want to use twins for genetic experimentation, they need to be identical twins.  Fraternal twins are no more twins than you and one of your older/younger siblings, insofar as you do not share ‘identical’ DNA.  This was known in the late 30s (before Mengele’s experiments).  Mengele did not always use identical twins.  In fact, he didn’t even always use fraternal twins.  There was at least one occurrence of brothers (9 month age difference) being experimented on. 

The specifics of some of his experiments are so disgusting that I do not want to relate them here.  In general, he would treat one of the twins poorly & leave the other one alone.  Then, he’d have them both killed and dissected in order to discover if there were any differences in their bodies, organs, etc. 

In one extreme example, he wanted to see if he could manufacture Siamese twins and had two children stitched together.  They died during the procedure. vernichtung-18.jpg Did Mengele contribute anything to the advancement of science? Unequivocally NO.  Most of his notes and records were destroyed for fear that they were a death sentence. 

Mengele fled Germany and the Allies at the conclusion of the war.  He was able to live out his natural life without any punishment for his crimes against humanity.   In the end, he was unrepentant.  He claimed to have “never personally harmed anyone in his life.” 

Mengele had concentration camp prisoners with medical training perform all his ‘surgeries’, which they would not have done without the threat of death from Mengele.  Personal responsibility (liability) is clear-cut everywhere but in his sick mind. 

Where is the justice in this world?