Mangling Mengele

One of my primary reading subjects is history.  I find the history of conflict very compelling.  My main area of interest is the Second World War, with a specific focus on the Third Reich. 

I’ve read a lot about the National Socialists (NSDAP), the Wehrmacht, Abwehr, Luftwaffe, Schutzstaffel (SS).  I’ve read about the Nazi war strategy and it’s failures.  I’ve read about the Concentration Camps, the Einsatzgruppen (travelling murder squads). 

I’ve read about such notables as Himmler, Hitler, Goebbels, Goring and so on. I knew these men were an abomination.  I knew the Third Reich is a horrible stain in the history of humanity. I did not fully comprehend how completely disgusting these people were.  I still don’t fully appreciate it. 

However, my recent reading concerning doctors, medicine and science in the Third Reich has made me realize how much more I need to learn, how much more disgust I need to cultivate. 

The Nazis, without a doubt, are the worst collection of people to have ever united on this planet. Last night, I became a little more intimate with the story of Josef Mengele.  josef-mengele-1935.jpgHe was supposed to have been the camp physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but he did nothing to help anyone. He considered himself both a doctor & a geneticist…he was neither.  

His every action was contrary to the Hippocratic Oath.  His every experiment was a slap in the face of scientific method (empiricism). He experimented on twins.   If you want to use twins for genetic experimentation, they need to be identical twins.  Fraternal twins are no more twins than you and one of your older/younger siblings, insofar as you do not share ‘identical’ DNA.  This was known in the late 30s (before Mengele’s experiments).  Mengele did not always use identical twins.  In fact, he didn’t even always use fraternal twins.  There was at least one occurrence of brothers (9 month age difference) being experimented on. 

The specifics of some of his experiments are so disgusting that I do not want to relate them here.  In general, he would treat one of the twins poorly & leave the other one alone.  Then, he’d have them both killed and dissected in order to discover if there were any differences in their bodies, organs, etc. 

In one extreme example, he wanted to see if he could manufacture Siamese twins and had two children stitched together.  They died during the procedure. vernichtung-18.jpg Did Mengele contribute anything to the advancement of science? Unequivocally NO.  Most of his notes and records were destroyed for fear that they were a death sentence. 

Mengele fled Germany and the Allies at the conclusion of the war.  He was able to live out his natural life without any punishment for his crimes against humanity.   In the end, he was unrepentant.  He claimed to have “never personally harmed anyone in his life.” 

Mengele had concentration camp prisoners with medical training perform all his ‘surgeries’, which they would not have done without the threat of death from Mengele.  Personal responsibility (liability) is clear-cut everywhere but in his sick mind. 

Where is the justice in this world?


21 Responses to Mangling Mengele

  1. Steph says:

    Hey, I’m doing an entire project on this guy, and I think that your ideas will be for great debate in my History class tomorrow. So, thanks.. and well written! 🙂

  2. holly says:

    this guy was sick and wrong it is kind of freaky what he thought he could do!

  3. Juliette Arreguin says:

    I am doing a project on this guy too. David Faber went to Auschwitz camp and he met Josef Mengele when he was about 15 years old. Mengele sent him to the gas chambers but it was to full so he didn’t go in. David Faber came to our school when I was in 6th grade and he is coming again and I am looking forward to see him. This guy is a sick person and he was never caught but he lived his in prison of his own life and he died all alone. Thank God he died.

  4. Travis Risse says:

    My question is why was that Vershaeur guy that sent Mengele to Auschwitz allowed to live peacefully?

  5. Sabrina Rollins says:

    I’ve done many school reports on this so called (Doctor)! Josef Mengele killed many people. None of them deserved the humiliation of the horror they were put through. I couldn’t imagine living everyday thinking it could be my last. Let alone these people had to live like that every second while under the captivation of Josef Mengele. Josef Mengele got away with what he did, the reason we study history is so we don’t repeat it. If you look at recent history though. History does repeat itself, look at The black dahlia avenger case that is an unsolved case to this day. Yes there are many theories but it still remains unsolved. With no punishment for the cruelty that bistowed upon these people I hope America comes to realize that life will be better if you let it. We all could live in peace if we let it. Look at your history and realize the differences you can make and learn from them.. Live , Laugh, Love-Sabrina, Albia highschool

  6. Hiroshima! says:

    That guy was sick. He needs a horrible death. What he did was disgusting and inhuman.

  7. I dont know what this guy was thinking to treat other humans like that they were scared enuogh already. He had a mind i never could think somebody could have! Mengele should have been punished for his actions but he wasnt, y i dont know, but thankfully hes gone and hopefully no one will be like that! So for people who think life is so unfair well think twice because you never imagened until you have heard about (Dr.)Josef Mengele

  8. Megan says:

    I have recently been studying Reserch Ethics at medical school and we have has lectures involving Mengele. What this man did in the name of scientific reserch was appaling.
    One good thing came from this however. At the end of world war two the Nuremburg Code was introduced. This basically said that human experimantation should be regulated and only conducted humanely, with clear purpose and, most importantly, with the voulentary and informed consent of the human subject. This led to the Declaration of Helsinki which was more binding and then on to many legal requirements both nationally and by the World Health Organisation.
    Medical reserch in the UK now has go through numerous checks to gain “Ethics Approval” before it can begin to ensure nothing even remotly like this can happen again.

  9. Jasper-snaps says:

    My God… this guy is a terrible man indeed. *shakes head* I’m doing an English project on him, hoping that he was nice AT LEAST ONCE to some of his patients, but i’m doubting it now.

  10. T siliezar says:

    It sounds that Mengele died in South America in 1983 (?) and that he was lonesome for his family in his last years. Too bad that he didn’t get caught- but what punishment would he have gotten, life in prison? It’s sick that he was able to torture innocent children for all those years and he got away with it.

  11. SSxed says:

    He was just bored, if i had that kind of power and i could get away with it i’d have murdered as many if not more.
    Bring back the SS, bring back nazi regime, save the world.
    make it a safe place again

  12. Fer says:

    I’m reading a book about josef mengele… i’m from mexico, so here the book’s title is : Mengel el ultimo nazi… in english maybe it´s: mengel the last nazi…

    it´s very very sad to know this history, but we all know this is true, and it happend some time ago…

    Maybe would you like to read another book, this one is by olga lengyel and the title is Los hornos de hitler… you can find a lot of interesting data.

  13. Bettman says:

    A little note to SSxed – I am leaving your message posted on my site – only because I believe in the freedom of expression. Having said that…

    I think you’re a disgrace to the human race. I think, based on your grammar, your education probably did not exceed the elementary level. I think your hatred to humankind is a result of your unstable, under developed psyche. You aren’t accepted by those you want to love, so you hold everyone in contempt.

    I sympathize with your pitiable state of being. You are alone & that has to be terrifying. The only attention you seem to attract is negative, which only serves to perpetuate this downward spiral you’re on.

    Mengele died lonely, paranoid and full of animosity. His end was justified by his means. His life was a waste. Nothing but abyssmal horror came out of it.

    Almost all other leading Nazis killed themselves or ran like little rats to avoid responsibility for their actions. So tell me…does that seem like acceptable behaviour from reasonable people who believed in the righteousness of their actions? No.

    The other thing you should probably be aware of is that Nazis also killed a lot of other Nazis. If you think you’d be safe in a ‘national-socialist’ state, you are sorely mistaken.

    But again, this only serves to expose your low level of education.

  14. Kelsey Glasgow says:

    I think this is very sad and teribble to see I think man should go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. maureen says:

    i hope j.mengele is chained to a hot chair on fire watching a movie of his sad life. i hope he knows that he was the mental one along with hitler and other nazi’s and i hope they don’t get to heaven at all.

  16. AB says:

    hey dis guy is wacked but im usin his name as my wrestling name i go by mangling mengele

  17. John Doe says:

    If you want to comprehend how he was able to do such acts you need to understand that his view of the world was probably different. He most likely did not see his subjects as humans or at least not the way he saw himself. When you put a line between yourself and another group of people, so that you do not see them as humans, at that point all inhibitions programmed into you by the society are removed. Experimenting on humans becomes the same as experimenting on animals. Squishing a bug or sending someone to a gas chamber – no difference.
    If you can grasp this concept, then you can understand how these people went home in the afternoon and were (not played!) loving husbands and caring fathers.

    Bettman: some nazis ran because they knew what they did was wrong. Others however were only aware of the punishment they would receive had they fallen into enemy hands. Most people do not enjoy playing a martyr, even if they believe very strongly in reasons for their actions.

    You however nailed it with your last (non-provokative) statement. The problem of nazi ruled state is not the cruelty they were able to conjure, but the fact that anyone could become the victim.

  18. God says:

    Most of you will be happy to know that I have dear Mengele with me and he spends every moment of his after-life undergoing blood-curdling torture and unimaginable pain.

  19. Alonzo Riley says:


    Oh great, so god is basically just some mega Mengele on steroids?

  20. Renata says:

    Okay yes I agree that him stiching the twins together and how he treated them was very very disgusting and inhumae but when you say that Germans are the worst things in the world I got a problem with that. The russians and the Japenease were far worse than what any germans did. Do your history. People for some reason like to pick on Germany and how they started the war but if you actually look in history the Russians and Japenease are farrrrrr worse.

  21. Adam says:

    You are mistaken. Mengele was a doctor. Infact he got his degree from the University of Munich.

    The most disturbing fact is that he treated “his” twins well before the experiments. For exapmle he gave them candy and other treats.

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