“To Perceive is to Suffer.”

We can thank Aristotle for the title.  That the Earth was considered the centre of the Universe for more than fifteen hundred years longer than it otherwise should have been can also be attributed to Aristotle.  He had so many powerful ideas.  His ‘errors’ carried as much weight.  Ah well, where would we be now if only Aristarchus of Samos wasn’t in the shadow of Aristotle?

Green Onions in the background.  Maybe I’ll Take Five next.  Groovin’.  My desk is amuck, a mess.  My mind too.  Amuck, I mean.  Ha ha ha.  Devil Inside.  Random shuffle.  A cluster of half empty Coke cans, Oh Henry wrapper, empty pack of smokes, pizza coupons, digital copy codes, hair bands, an empty Toy Story dvd case…what the fuck is Undercover Brother doing here?!  Buried under some empty zip-locks and an iPhone.  Only 3G.  I can’t see the surface.  Suffocating. 

There may actually be a little Oh Henry left in that wrapper.  Is it bad if I eat it?!  It’s only from last night.  Not even twenty-four hours ago.

Seriously, though. 

French Kiss.  Trip into the deep well of your lover’s chest.  Dance to the heart beat.  Synthesize your nerves.  Symphonic frenzy.  Let your lust wander. 

To perceive is to suffer.  Be free.

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