S/ashes & Un\wanted Punctu@ti.n

I’m still learning this keyboard.  New laptop.  I can understand why it’s easy to grow resistant to learning.  It’s frustrating.  I should be a lot further along in this post than I otherwise am.  Of course, you’d never realize in reading.  Still I trudge along, fingers falling on foreign keys, incessantly hunting for the backspace button.  My thoughts whirling through the hinterland between keys and dribbling onto the floor, wasted off of the screen.

I hate not being able to correctly name this medium.  I think ‘screen’ is most appropriate…or ‘monitor’.  If you actually care to see this, you will more than likely view it on one or the other!  Funny words too…very Orwellian.  If you were more inclined to Huxley, then I guess you could call it a ‘display’ or something open and Utopian as such.

No matter.  You are being ‘screened’ and ‘monitored’ as you put pretty much everything on ‘display’.  Never before has this been more true than now.  Big Brother is watching you through the soma.  Shit…he’s the pusher.  Cute.  You see where I went with that…a blend of 1984 & Brave New World.

It occurred to me this morning, I’m not even a blissful idiot, which is a nice sort of idiot, imbecilic and cute.  I’m a miserable, opinionated, increasingly uninformed kind of idiot.  Unbearable.  Phew!  It feels nice to write that.  I think a little self-depredation is healthy and realistic.  It doesn’t necessarily keep me tempered to any degree.

No matter how steep my learning incline is with this keyboard, I am very pleased that I can sit and write again in the morning.



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