Low Level Flight

August 16, 2007

To all my non-readers…

Low Level Flight – Change For Me

Here’s Low Level Flight.  Ryan Malcolm (vocals), Dave Carter (guitar), James Rooke (guitar & keyboard), Shaun Noronha (bass) & Brandon Merenick (drums).  ‘Change For Me’ is the first single and video released from their debut album ‘Urgency’.

These guys are great.

P.S. My girlfriend is one of the dinner guests (best looking girl in the video, I might add).  She bites it in the end.  That’s all right…it’s only make-believe-TV.


Pink Floyd (clips)

April 12, 2007

I started tonight wanting to find some neat astonomy videos…started with that as my search engine.  One of the first links I found was ‘Astonomy Domine’ performace by Pink Floyd from 1967. 

Some complaint…’terribly loud isn’t it?’  Great Syd Barrett footage.

So now I’m on a kick.  Here’s ‘Careful with that axe Eugene’.

‘Grantchester Meadows’ (live).