How Can Nothing Be Something?

August 19, 2007

789-456=333     456-789=-333

456-123=333     123-456=-333

123-789=-666     789-123=666

The sums of these equations are equal to 0 (nothing).

The two measures we use for time & space are sexigesimal (base-60) systems.

60minutes = 60x60seconds = 1hour


A full cycle on the clock and compass is a complete circle, or the sign for zero.  We understand days and years in terms of cycles (or circles), but we consider time as a line.  When travelling on a the line of a circle (circumference), the sense is that you are moving straight ahead and not on a constant curve.  So, it’s easy to loose sight of this on the cosmic scale of time (existence).

All time and space is a cycle (circle, sign for zero).  Everywhere one looks, one can find cycles.  These are all signs for zero (nothing, nil).  Zero is infinite nothingness.  Zero adds meaning by destroying it.  It has a dramatic impact on mathematic equations, yet none at all.

 It is meaningless or meaning less.  I don’t know.


What’s your vector Victor? Eleven Four.

March 10, 2007

Eleven and four.  Everything about this apartment adds up to either of those numbers.

Floor # = 11

Apartment # sum = 11

Buzz # sum = 11

Home Phone # sum = 4

My destiny number is 11.  There are three 4s in my birth date.

This is the time & place where things will come together.
The Hanged Man