extinction distinction

March 27, 2009

had a good life

free from the strife

bags on the curb

after garbage day

wearing black

on labour day

I listen to what you heard

but not to what you say

exhaust from the car

exhaust from the dryer

exhaust from the fire

exhaust from the liar

green is the colour of blew

red the colour of what I knew

feeling the feeling of wondering

if we’re through

thrown it all away

grown at all this way

a fence between a flower

and a weed of distinction

the day of today is

a play at extinction

a wonder of dysfunction

have we had enough

play the day away

say you’ll stay

enough is enough

I’m going astray

I still listen to what

the baseball bat had to say

crack in the skull

crack in the ice

crack in the glass

crack in the vice

grasp me tight

free me from fright

say you’ll stay

tell me I’m not a stray

i’m not astray

i’m gone either way.



March 27, 2009

where’s jesus

why can’t he ease us

where’s the devil

why doesn’t he please us

all i’ve got are cigarettes


a pack of plenty regrets


i live a life of vignettes


spasmodic king-sized Tourette’s

where’s god gone

the great arranger

what about the word

the great deranger

all i’ve sought are cigarettes


to rid myself of regrets


i live a life of vignettes


bunches of one but no sets

Hope Sleeps

March 26, 2009

I am pale with disease, but that’s nothing to my misease.  I can’t bring me here anymore.  I can’t stand the eggshells on the floor.  My prison was wrought from the freedom I sought.  Clipped wings.  A devil sings, ‘Rejoice, for you have no voice.’  No one listens to a conscious choice.  I stomp where I stand.  I slap away your tender hand.  What happened to the grace I saw in your face?  I am alone, chilled to the bone, kneeling before a vacant throne.  I saw your feet fleeing the flight of the fleet.  I saw your heels break the fingers of the hand that heals.  Freedom for one is not liberty at all.  A single slave can cause a mighty fall.

Blight Rest

March 25, 2009

A screw falls from my arm rest, puts my patience to the test.  I’m no better than any of the rest, to this I can attest.  I’m sorry because I apologize I never realize when I eulogize.  I scream, my voice is muffled by the skies over a grave where my happiness lies.  A wind from the west destroys the flag freedom flies.  A breeze from from the east stifles the words of the wise.  No one tries.  Words kill the rest of the wicked.  No one tires, especially the liars.


September 19, 2008

Engage endeavor encourage engross endear enchant enthrall enrich endow enhance ennoble envisage enlighten enthuse enact enable encroach ensnare entrap entangle enslave encage encumber endanger endemic enlarge entomb entrench entrust enrage endure envy


The Shortest Mile

August 26, 2008

I walk the chamomile, warm, soft, mellow.  Easy to strut.  Easy to flutter about.  Precious as a pillow on a mattress plane.  Three feathers unwind.  Float through space.  Floating a flicker apace.  Floating with gravity’s grace.  A bumble is an ounce of bounce, where a tumble is a tonne of trounce.  Sleepery slopes slide down the slippery substruction side of slings.  Sheep graze in praise of grass.  Snobs sip tea.  Love the leaf, provides relief from belief.  Mellow marshes make mosquitoes.  Marsh mellows make melty playhem.

what was bliss has gone amiss

May 6, 2008

Where is God when the world is ablaze?  Why did the Devil discard his angelic grace?  Why are people always bound in some craze?  What ever happened to this forsaken place?  This sacred race with a human face.

In our hands, our furred, finned and feathered friends meet their ends.  We don’t think we need to make amends, but that all depends on current social trends indicating that before something breaks, it bends.

We don’t like to think a thought about more than we think we’ve got.  The memory is out there, but it looks like we all forgot that a lazy person can’t be taught.  If you can’t beat them.  Greet them, but don’t get caught.