What do I know?

May 6, 2008

What does anyone know about pain?  For some it’s a last breath.  For others, bead of rain.  For those, it’s a purpose.  For them, the inane.  We scoff at the normal.  We scorn the insane.  It can be beauty.  Or a dreary plain.  So very different.  So much still the same.

Wandering, wondering about a dream I had last night, dark.  I don’t remember, but I think it was nothing.  Literally nothing.  Black.  Dark.  Empty.  Long dream, short night.  What is in my mind?  Nothing?

Cowboy hats, boots and buckles don’t have a sense of suburban style.  Every time I see someone wearing one of them, I can’t resist a smile.

At this moment, the day of Piglet is out of reach, far away.  I wish the meek could inherit the Earth, could proliferate through birth.  But there is no mercy at the bank.  In the rank you file and in the file you rank.

Absent I, absinthe eye.  Just wandering, wondering, why the box of tissue keeps so many secrets?

The speaker was a leaker of meaningless words.  I had to listen, was on every channel. 

On my mask, my painted face, a resemblance of the space between here and every other place.

A voice in the background, a psychotropic sound.  Speak to me.  Tell me the truth about sooth.  Is it real or just another loftless word?

What does friend mean to me?  I don’t know anymore.  Everything diminishes, fades, erodes like the croak of toads, crumbles like oft travelled roads.  Tax dollars pave the path to the politician’s pool, cool envy drool.

There isn’t a trophy for atrophy.  For every inaction, no reaction. 

Once I had a bunch of moral fibre (but it went through my system pretty quick)

November 7, 2007

I don’t know the first thing about seconds.  The truth of the matter is I like throwing Frisbees to myself.  I love the dignity of the parabola.  The golden equation, the sum.  Some is too much.  Chocolate smiles too sweet to smudge with a touch.  Lick it, lump it, like it.  When did fudge become a mistake to make?  I rub my eyes full of glittering flies.  Blue.  Electric.  Eclectic, almost like electric if you don’t pay attention.  I’d be surprised if most people’s attention could span a puddle. 

We’re getting Googlephrenic.  The idea of disgoogleplexia is heightened by infinity plus one.  The numbers never end.  There is nothing but empty space.

I wonder if they’ll ever have McDonald’s Restaurant theme parks for all the little chubby kids.  Eat your shorts for good, nutritional Christian values.  It’s not supposed to make scents, but it stinks no matter how you slice it.  I recommend using your hands and ripping, but that doesn’t always work out for some of the saucier things in life. 

What can you do about googlephrenia?  I don’t know, Google it.  The spinning wheel, karmic in nature, stops on a dollar.  Bits of a puzzle up the barkers sleeve.  Religion is so medieval.  Shit.  Think of something else.   You know what I meme? 

Know, no, I mean, now, how brown cow?  If they made chocolate milk, I’d be sucking those teats ’til the farmers came home.  I don’t want to offend Hindus.  I rather like the art.  Beautiful intricate colours.  I don’t know anything about famine, except for the guilt I feel from cheating on the thirty-hour version.  Fuckin’ charity, what is it these days?  A corporation under a different guise. 

Shit stinks.  I think that’s why we call it shit.  We say so many things smell like shit, but they don’t really all smell exactly like shit, not even all shit smells the same.  That would be weird.  What would the world be like if we spoke with our mouths, but ate with our bums?  The food court would be a lot uglier. 

What does crude mean to you?  What does rude have to do with crude, other than the price we pay?  I’m on a plane, wake up snickers, I have a sweet suite to suit all my wants, but none of my needs.  All these weeds.  How is cleanliness close to godliness?  Priorities ward back, beckon thee to reckon thee. 

A yahoo is a beast of burden, a human slave to horses.  Is this what you want?  Horses are fleet of foot.  We’d be too, if we stayed on all fours.  That would be strange, huh?  Quadrupeds, eating out of our asses.  At least there’d be some time when we weren’t talking out of them.  Too many people talk shit.  Not a bad breath statement.  I might have something to say about that, but I locked all the workers out of my olfactory.  Commie bastards.  None of them can play the drums worth a ruble. 

America is going down with their dollar and sense.  If life without a gun in my face means death, then death it is, ’cause you can’t control anyone or anything for long.  If I’m going down because of you, I’m taking you too.  Ya dig? 

I once had a nightmare about digging holes.  Each hole was assigned an numeric value, more like an algebraic equation.  The nightmarish was that no matter how many holes I dug, I couldn’t surpass a certain sum.  I woke up sweaty and terrified.  I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.  2001 was on TV.  I should give that movie another shot.  I was in a poor frame of mind.  I shouldn’t live with regret, but that would mean I’d have to forget.  What?  Not sure.  No matter how much I forget, it never changes the regret.  Some things are carved into bone. 

Once I had a whole bunch of moral fibre, but it went through my system pretty quick.  That’s the title.  That’s how things are named in these here parts.

Funny thing is I don’t know what’s mine and what belongs to someone else.  I don’t know if plagiarism applies to a memory without footnotes, end notes, ibids or et als.  We’re all crazy.  We can’t agree on cake.  I like the icing that gives you a cocaine like sugar high.  You know the icing in which you can crunch the granules of sugar.  Still mostly empty space.  Hard to picture.  Harder to imagine.

All apologies and a thousand more, but I’m still going to slam the door.  I don’t want to see you anymore.  You’re a whole other whore.  None of this real.  Nothing I feel.  The opposite of love is indifference and I am finally indifferent.  It doesn’t matter, because matter is mostly empty space, like an excuse.  No substance other than forgetting.  I’ve lost count of the leaves in the trees, but the planes are lining up ninety seconds apart on the skyway.  Nothing is forever, not even energy as we know it. 

The truth of the matter is that I like white chocolate cake with my name scrawled in sweet icing sugar.  I have a big belly.  So there we are…word count 856.  666+190.  I wonder what the six-hundredth and sixty-sixth word was?  I should’ve paid attention.  My attention span is a short toothpick bridge.  Everything is a joke, especially this, that and the other thing, like an algebraic equation for holes, the variables are yours to tell.

Kill, Beat & Steal.

September 10, 2007

It occurred to me last night that any philosophy based on speculation is, at it’s most basic foundation,  a religion, insofar as it requires faith from the subscriber.

How is Kierkegaard’s existentialism different from Buddha’s Four Noble Truths?  Or Nietzsche’s Superman from Jesus Christ, Mohammed, or David?  All of these are ideas, the product of a general need to make sense of things.

Our realities are primarily based on speculation and faith.  We don’t know very much and it frightens us or we’re blissfully ignorant.  I don’t which is worse.  I’m often of the frame of mind where I seek & destroy my ignorance.  But this is the funny thing about ignorance – you don’t know what you don’t know.  You don’t know if what you know is right.  You can’t believe anyone.  Everything is subjective and most people live by ‘survival of the fittest’, so you had better look out for yourself.

Neo-conservatism, liberalism, fascism, communism – there’s a long list of political philosophies, all of them are based on social control (or lack thereof, laisse-faire!).  There are so many ideas to believe in.  Yet, experience has shown that none of them actually work.  Why?  We are inherently uncontrollable.  Fear is the only thing that can pacify us.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Kennedy knew what he was talking about.  It was a direct reference to government use of fear (psychological operations) to exert control over populations.  Manufactured fear.  Fear is the one and only social control which ever really had any historic success, but it doesn’t usually last long and the end is violent for the scare mongerers.  When people are frightened for long periods of time, they have a tendency to stockpile anger and there comes a point when a critical mass of people boil over.

So fear doesn’t really work either, but it’s the best of a motley lot!

There are certain things we all agree upon, regardless of where we’re from.  It is unpleasant when someone in your family is killed.  It is unpleasant when you or someone in your family is maltreated.  It is unpleasant when you or someone in your family are robbed.  Everything else is open to regional (individual) interpretation.

How do you correct the historical injustices which resulted from killing, beating and stealing?  I don’t know.

But there’s another thing to consider.  The nucleus does not survive without the sound functioning of the cell.  The cell does not survive without the sound functioning of the host organism.  The host organism does not survive without the sound functioning of it’s environment.

There is a balance in the Universe.  We have to find it and maintain it.

Reel Terror

August 30, 2007

I was watching the BBC channel on a television in a restaurant I eat at a few times a week.  They played a spectacular reel of suicide bombers (primarily car bombs) and attacks on US personnel which had been caught on film.  There were at least twenty different examples on the reel.

 I thought it was awesome, devastating and terrible.

Then it occurred to me…”Wow, these camera people are pretty lucky to have their cameras rolling and focused on just the right spot at just the right time.”  Luck to this degree is possible but not probable.

Someone has to be informing videographers about impending attacks.  I don’t think a terrorist group would call any media and give the exact location and time of a suicide or other attack on US Occupation Forces.  That would kind of reduce the ‘terror’ element.

Who then?  Who benefits from ‘terror’?  The aggressor.

In this ‘War on Terror’ – Who has created more victims?  Who has received more money?  Who has more at stake?  Who’s political agenda has made the most progress?

I think the answer to these questions is the same as the answer to who would inform the media about ‘terror attacks’.  How do they have advance knowledge of ‘terror attacks’?  Well, probably because they are the people responsible for planning the attacks.


Nobody likes a bully.  David kicked Goliath’s ass and the people rejoiced. 

But what if Goliath had prevailed?  Surely David would have been cast as villain.  Surely David would have thrown the first stone.  Surely David would have gotten what he deserved – a healthy thrashing.

Today, ‘Goliath’ is poised to destroy ‘David’ and it’s an unfair fight, so ‘David’ is being painted as the antagonist, the aggressor, the terrorist.

There needs to be the perception of a struggle, of a fight and a retaliation.  If ‘David’ does not fight, then there’s no fight & that won’t do.  So we’re told that ‘Dave’ is pretty resilient and we’re shown a whole reel of explosions as evidence.

The pictures of the ‘Highway of Death’ from the Kuwait conflict took a considerable amount of steam out the US war machine.  It was an obvious and absolute rout. Therefore, the US pursuit had to be called off at the Kuwait-Iraq border.  This mistake will not be made twice.

Ask yourself one simple question – when was the last time the US actually won a war (conflict)?

They cannot claim sole victory in WWI or WWII (Europe or Pacific), for too many Allies participated in the effort.  As a matter of fact, the US was the last to join either of these wars.  Things went well in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovena.

The War of 1812 resulted in a return to the pre-conflict status quo, meaning the US regained losses suffered during the conflict.  The Spanish-American war worked out, until Castro took Cuba back.

I think the only war the US may have actually won is the American Revolution, which they probably would’ve lost had their not been an ocean between them and the British leadership. 

I should actually research this claim about the US never really being ‘victorious’ in a conflict.  I am pretty well-read in history, particularly the history of war/warfare.

Prove me wrong.

Trust Me (I’m Lying)

August 17, 2007

We live in a world where we can’t trust anyone or anything.  Everything is like an ad for a downtown rental apartment or a picture of a Big Mac.  Nothing is delivered as promised.  I give a dollar and get fifty cents of shit in return, usually served with a frown.  It’s a post-modern nightmare.

Post-moderism, from what I can remember, is a marked by a break in the link between symbol and meaning.  For instance, examine the disparity between the picture and the reality of the Big Mac (or any fast food!).  The word ‘quaint’ in a rental ad usually means ‘closet-sized’.  The politician promises impossibilities.  The salesman has the greatest product on the market.  If you want to see the sights of the world, go to Las Vegas.

The instant ‘genuine’ is tainted with ‘artificial’, it is fake.  However, if ‘artifical’ is infused with ‘genuine’ it is not considered genuine.  Once ‘genuine’ is gone, it’s gone.  There’s no retrieval or resuscitation.  If words are meaningless, reality is meaningless.  If I can’t believe anything, then there is no truth for me.  This is frightening.

Mattel (sky is falling)

August 16, 2007

So Mattel got caught…end of story.  Mattel is not unlike the sales rep who pads expenses as a means of increasing their salary.  Someone cut corners to increase margin and got pinched.  I suspect Mattel decided not to keep up with inflation when it came to contracts with various suppliers.  They wouldn’t be alone in the corporate drive to make more money. 

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.  Mattel spends a lot of money on paint each year.  So when a paint contract opens up, vendors scramble to jump on the proverbial gravy train.  The competition is stiff and the best vendor doesn’t always win.  The cheapest vendor wins.  Then the squeeze begins.  Mattel wants value for their almighty dollar and the obsequious vendor, wanting to prolong the relationship, gives in.  From here, one of two things will happen – relations either sour or risks are taken to reduce cost (such as putting lead into the paint).  These decisions are a matter of numbers, not humanity.

The dollar is in charge and someone has to pay so the shareholders can earn a few extras.  I can guarantee you it is not the corporation who pays.  It’s the consumer and the subcontractor (vendor/supplier), both paying from their respective ends of the production line.

Nice enough for the Chairman and CEO of Mattel, Bob Eckert, to apologize to the consumer for running a cheap business.  But…

Included in his statement, “I can’t change what is happened in the past, but I can change how we work in the future.”  Whoa!  If he can change ‘how we work in the future’ and has been working at Mattel since 2000, then isn’t this recall a part of his past future?  Meaning – isn’t he directly responsible for the present circumstances as a result of his historic influence on ‘how we work’?

Maybe what he meant to say was, “We won’t get caught again.”  They had to have known something was wrong.  For instance, how did Mattel design and implement better magnet retention so quickly if they didn’t know the existing magnet was faulty?  Things don’t often happen quickly in large corporations, especially things that represent higher costs.

This breach of trust with their consumer will take a long time to mend.  Or maybe all they need to do is launch the next ‘hot toy’ & all will be forgiven (forgotten).  Children don’t really have memories for this sort of event & parents are too busy paying taxes and working for the cheap-ass corporation (in one way or another) at the same time.

In the end, it’s not fair for me to single out Bob Eckert, who probably did not personally know about any of these transgressions.  (So, sorry to Bob for being CEO of the wrong company at the wrong time!)  But he represents and is compensated by a corporation which was aware at some level that something was amiss.  Again, Mattel is not alone in these transgressions.  Scratch beneath the surface of any large company and you will discover corruption and greed.  It’s called ‘good business’.

Is the American Dream an international nightmare?

August 5, 2007

Britain, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia & Communists and now, terrorists, which is essentially the same as a communist in terms of media use for general fear mongering.  This is the short historic list of enemies of The United States.  Oh…and you can insert the US on the list in between Canada and Spain because there is the small matter of a civil war between the War of 1812 and the Spanish American War.  War.  War.  Sounds so trendy.

There aren’t many countries who have not experienced American war-mongering at one time or another.  You can count on the US having a big war about every thirty years.  The longer, the better.  The more obscure the enemy, the better the chance of a prolonged conflict.

The US mentality has not changed since Thomas Jefferson declared that the acquistion of Canada would “be a mere matter of marching”.  Mobilized aggression stirs aggressive resistance.

A smile is always better than a sneer.  A hand shake is always better than a hand grenade.  You know what I mean?  Nudge, nudge.