How Clouds Form

August 12, 2008

In a nutshell, air contains water molecules (or vapour).  Warm air holds more water than cold air.  Warm air rises and cools.  As the air cools, the water molecules begin to condense (clump together) faster than they are torn apart by their thermal energy.

These clumps of water could not maintain form without a host of some sort, most typically dust.  The condense water vapour clings to these airborne particles to form a droplet.  It takes billions of these droplets to form a cloud.

Clouds are white because the condensed water vapour reflects the sum of the Sun’s spectrum, which is white.  When the cloud is thick enough, the sun can no longer penetrate to the bottom (what we see from the ground) and thus the cloud grows dark and grey.

When it rains, the particles to which the water vapour attach are returned to the ground.  Rainfall cleanses the sky by acting as a filter for these smaller airborne particles of matter.

What do I know?

May 6, 2008

What does anyone know about pain?  For some it’s a last breath.  For others, bead of rain.  For those, it’s a purpose.  For them, the inane.  We scoff at the normal.  We scorn the insane.  It can be beauty.  Or a dreary plain.  So very different.  So much still the same.

Wandering, wondering about a dream I had last night, dark.  I don’t remember, but I think it was nothing.  Literally nothing.  Black.  Dark.  Empty.  Long dream, short night.  What is in my mind?  Nothing?

Cowboy hats, boots and buckles don’t have a sense of suburban style.  Every time I see someone wearing one of them, I can’t resist a smile.

At this moment, the day of Piglet is out of reach, far away.  I wish the meek could inherit the Earth, could proliferate through birth.  But there is no mercy at the bank.  In the rank you file and in the file you rank.

Absent I, absinthe eye.  Just wandering, wondering, why the box of tissue keeps so many secrets?

The speaker was a leaker of meaningless words.  I had to listen, was on every channel. 

On my mask, my painted face, a resemblance of the space between here and every other place.

A voice in the background, a psychotropic sound.  Speak to me.  Tell me the truth about sooth.  Is it real or just another loftless word?

What does friend mean to me?  I don’t know anymore.  Everything diminishes, fades, erodes like the croak of toads, crumbles like oft travelled roads.  Tax dollars pave the path to the politician’s pool, cool envy drool.

There isn’t a trophy for atrophy.  For every inaction, no reaction. 

The One & Only Multiverse (Infinite Big Bangs)

February 2, 2008

 I have learned to hear about things of a cosmological, astrological, quantum nature.  I have learned that I will never truly understand what physicists are talking about, even when they are speaking ‘common tongue’.  For instance, take the neutrino.  When the neutrino was confined to mathematical equations and not the observable Universe, it had two suspicious properties.  First, it was massless.  Second, it was moving at the speed of light and, therefore had no internal clock (not subject to time).  If something is without mass and moving at the speed of light (one is a condition of the other), then it cannot be detected by anything we know.

Scientists figured they could detect (and prove the existence of) the neutrino by proxy.  The neutrino was thought to interact with certain other nuclei, knocking electrons out of them (or something like that) in wild, random collisions.  An experiment was set up to test this theory & boom…the collision anticipated by mathematics occurred.  Now the neutrino ventures into the reality of quantum physics (it was observed!).  This happened something like 40 years ago.

Here’s what I don’t understand.  How does something without mass interact with and affect something with mass?  It doesn’t make sense.  If I throw nothing at something, then I cannot expect something to be affected.  However, the massless neutrino – somehow defying the laws of physics – could.  It has since been proven that the neutrino does, in fact, have a mass (& is not moving at the speed of light), but it took years for this to be understood.

Another thing, our Universe might only be one of an infinite number Universes, each with it’s own unique set of physical laws (properties).  I shouldn’t have to say, but we’re only familiar with our own Universe.  Regardless, there’s a theoretical probability that there is another Universe in which you have blue hair or another in which you don’t exist at all.  There’s a Universe where Elvis is alive and well, Jimmy Hoffa is a day care specialist, and everyone has legs for arms and arms for legs.  There could be a Universe identical to ours in every way, except it’s five minutes ahead.  Anything you can think of is possible.

In theory then, all these self-contained Universes are floating around somewhere, I am not precisely sure where.  It is probable that there are sometimes collisions between two (or more) Universes, which could, to an extent, explain the Big Bang from our perspective.  However, with an infinite number of Universes, it is possible there are an infinite number of collisions, which equates to an infinite number of Big Bangs – just not all in our particular Universe (membrane).

Is there any observable interaction between Universes?  I don’t know, but let’s think for a moment.  What about ghosts and other phenomena we refer to as supernatural?  Could these be trace elements of another Universe (or dimension)?  Maybe.

I mention dimensions.  We’re familiar with the first three – height, width, depth.  The fourth dimension is time.  The first three dimensions move fluidly through the fourth.  Nothing is ever the same in four dimensions, one point will ALWAYS change (typically time).  I don’t know anything about dimensions 5 through 11, except that our Universe doesn’t really make much sense unless they are included.

For instance, gravity as a force in four dimensional space is very weak, comparatively speaking.  You can defy gravity with a fridge magnet.  We are pulled by the full force of the Earth, yet can lift small and large objects alike.  Why is gravity so weak?  Well, it turns out there’s a possibility that gravity (as we know it) is only the remnants of that which bled through from the 11th dimension.  Meaning, gravity might originate in the 11th dimension & some of it’s force ‘leaks’ into and affects our reality.

Oh…and the 11th dimension is extremely thin, but infinitely long.  Even stranger, the 11th dimension is closer to pretty much everything in this dimension than anything else in this dimension.  Does that make sense?  It is less than 10 to the power of -20 micrometers away.  The 11th dimension is closer to you than the clothes you’re wearing.

What strange place do we inhabit?!

The Days of Our Weeks.

January 2, 2008

A play on words occurs to me.  What if Saturday was a derivative of Satyr’s Day?

The Satyrs roamed the woods and mountains of Greece as male companions of Dionysus & Pan.  Satyrs are often associated with sex-drive and were depicted with uncontrollable erections.  In the least, this speculation sounds like a reasonable basis for understanding the purpose of Saturday night.

Funny, right?!  Well then, what do the names of days mean & where do they come from?  I researched the answer (briefly).

Sunday = Day of the Sun: Hemera Heliou (Greek) – Dies Solis (Roman/latin) – Sunnandaeg (Germanic).

Monday = Day of the Moon: Selenes Hemera (Greek) – Lunae Dies (Roman/latin) – Monandaeg (Germanic).

Tuesday = Day of War: Areos Hemera (Greek) – Dies Martis (Roman/latin) – Tiwesdaeg (Germanic).

Wednesday = Day of Art / Poetry: Dies Mercurii (Roman/latin) – Wodnesdaeg (Germanic).

Thursday = Day of Storm / Reckoning: Dios Hemera (Greek) – Jovis Dies (Roman/latin) – Purresdaeg (Germanic).

Friday = Day of Love: Aphrodites Hemera (Greek) – Dies Veneris (Roman/latin) – Frigedaeg (Germanic).

Saturday = Day of Harvest / Reaping: Kronou Hemera (Greek) – Saturni Dies (Roman/latin) – Saeterdaeg (Germanic).

Here are the various gods associated with each day:

Sunday – the sun

Monday – the moon

Tuesday – Ares, Mars, Tiu (gods of war)

Wednesday – Mercury, Odin (gods associated with communication, wisdom, poetry)

Thursday – Zeus, Jupiter, Thor (gods of thunder)

Friday – Aphrodite, Venus, Frigga (Freya) (goddesses of love & fertility)

Saturday – Cronus, Saturn (titan/god associated with the harvest)

Everything follows the same pattern – Greek, Roman, then Germanic.  More importantly, there are no references to conventional religious figures.  Mind you, almost all mythology is astrological (astronomical) in source and orientation.

Sunday = The Sun

Monday = The Moon

Tuesday = Mars

Wednesday = Mercury

Thursday = Jupiter

Friday = Venus

Saturday = Saturn

These are the primary interstellar bodies which were visible to our two-thousand plus year old ancestors.  These are the big-movers in our historic skies, the masters of our ancient galaxy.  So powerful and influential, that all the world’s mythologies are rooted within them, the greatest personalities have been attributed to them and our future is (astrologically) bound with them.

These are the days of our weeks.

Once I had a bunch of moral fibre (but it went through my system pretty quick)

November 7, 2007

I don’t know the first thing about seconds.  The truth of the matter is I like throwing Frisbees to myself.  I love the dignity of the parabola.  The golden equation, the sum.  Some is too much.  Chocolate smiles too sweet to smudge with a touch.  Lick it, lump it, like it.  When did fudge become a mistake to make?  I rub my eyes full of glittering flies.  Blue.  Electric.  Eclectic, almost like electric if you don’t pay attention.  I’d be surprised if most people’s attention could span a puddle. 

We’re getting Googlephrenic.  The idea of disgoogleplexia is heightened by infinity plus one.  The numbers never end.  There is nothing but empty space.

I wonder if they’ll ever have McDonald’s Restaurant theme parks for all the little chubby kids.  Eat your shorts for good, nutritional Christian values.  It’s not supposed to make scents, but it stinks no matter how you slice it.  I recommend using your hands and ripping, but that doesn’t always work out for some of the saucier things in life. 

What can you do about googlephrenia?  I don’t know, Google it.  The spinning wheel, karmic in nature, stops on a dollar.  Bits of a puzzle up the barkers sleeve.  Religion is so medieval.  Shit.  Think of something else.   You know what I meme? 

Know, no, I mean, now, how brown cow?  If they made chocolate milk, I’d be sucking those teats ’til the farmers came home.  I don’t want to offend Hindus.  I rather like the art.  Beautiful intricate colours.  I don’t know anything about famine, except for the guilt I feel from cheating on the thirty-hour version.  Fuckin’ charity, what is it these days?  A corporation under a different guise. 

Shit stinks.  I think that’s why we call it shit.  We say so many things smell like shit, but they don’t really all smell exactly like shit, not even all shit smells the same.  That would be weird.  What would the world be like if we spoke with our mouths, but ate with our bums?  The food court would be a lot uglier. 

What does crude mean to you?  What does rude have to do with crude, other than the price we pay?  I’m on a plane, wake up snickers, I have a sweet suite to suit all my wants, but none of my needs.  All these weeds.  How is cleanliness close to godliness?  Priorities ward back, beckon thee to reckon thee. 

A yahoo is a beast of burden, a human slave to horses.  Is this what you want?  Horses are fleet of foot.  We’d be too, if we stayed on all fours.  That would be strange, huh?  Quadrupeds, eating out of our asses.  At least there’d be some time when we weren’t talking out of them.  Too many people talk shit.  Not a bad breath statement.  I might have something to say about that, but I locked all the workers out of my olfactory.  Commie bastards.  None of them can play the drums worth a ruble. 

America is going down with their dollar and sense.  If life without a gun in my face means death, then death it is, ’cause you can’t control anyone or anything for long.  If I’m going down because of you, I’m taking you too.  Ya dig? 

I once had a nightmare about digging holes.  Each hole was assigned an numeric value, more like an algebraic equation.  The nightmarish was that no matter how many holes I dug, I couldn’t surpass a certain sum.  I woke up sweaty and terrified.  I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.  2001 was on TV.  I should give that movie another shot.  I was in a poor frame of mind.  I shouldn’t live with regret, but that would mean I’d have to forget.  What?  Not sure.  No matter how much I forget, it never changes the regret.  Some things are carved into bone. 

Once I had a whole bunch of moral fibre, but it went through my system pretty quick.  That’s the title.  That’s how things are named in these here parts.

Funny thing is I don’t know what’s mine and what belongs to someone else.  I don’t know if plagiarism applies to a memory without footnotes, end notes, ibids or et als.  We’re all crazy.  We can’t agree on cake.  I like the icing that gives you a cocaine like sugar high.  You know the icing in which you can crunch the granules of sugar.  Still mostly empty space.  Hard to picture.  Harder to imagine.

All apologies and a thousand more, but I’m still going to slam the door.  I don’t want to see you anymore.  You’re a whole other whore.  None of this real.  Nothing I feel.  The opposite of love is indifference and I am finally indifferent.  It doesn’t matter, because matter is mostly empty space, like an excuse.  No substance other than forgetting.  I’ve lost count of the leaves in the trees, but the planes are lining up ninety seconds apart on the skyway.  Nothing is forever, not even energy as we know it. 

The truth of the matter is that I like white chocolate cake with my name scrawled in sweet icing sugar.  I have a big belly.  So there we are…word count 856.  666+190.  I wonder what the six-hundredth and sixty-sixth word was?  I should’ve paid attention.  My attention span is a short toothpick bridge.  Everything is a joke, especially this, that and the other thing, like an algebraic equation for holes, the variables are yours to tell.

Nothing is Real, but Chaos

September 29, 2007

“Nothing is real and we cannot say anything about what things are doing when we are not looking at them.”  This is a working rule of quantum physics.  In effect, “Something has to be observed to be real.”  But we’re faulty viewers who can only see ‘big things’ within a very limited spectrum of light & we have a tendency to misinterpret what we observe.

“In all natural processes the entropy of the world increases.”  This is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  Entropy is the measure of disorder in a process (system) or energy lost due to a lack of equilibrium.  In effect, all natural processes will degenerate into disorder and energy loss.  I have a tendency to interpret things philosophically, but isn’t this a perfect description of the world which we’ve created?

We seem to be organized.  We have telecommunications, public transit, international flights, global positioning systems, the Internet, etc.  We keep a mass of complex schedules meshed together and running relatively smoothly.  But if we were to put this ‘high-energy’ system slightly out of balance (remove public transit or radar, for instance) – the system would quickly degenerate into chaos and the result would be energy loss (slowing down).

If we were to put the system seriously out of whack (i.e. remove electricity – shutting down all organizing systems) and the system would collapse in an astronomical instant, which is marginally longer than an earthly instant!

Don’t worry about it, though.  According to the 2nd Law – the breakdown I write of is inevitable.  It WILL happen.


I know not, but the more we rely on technology we do not fully understand, the more susceptible we are to chaos.

Think about your life…what do you do that does not require some form of electricity (energy)?  Reading in the sunlight?  Where did the paper come from?  What about the ink and the binding?  Going for a walk?  You need energy (calories) to do that.  Are you growing your own food?  Probably not.  The current oil to calorie ratio is something like 10:1.  It takes 10 units of fuel to produce 1 unit of caloric (food) energy.  So that walk you thought was free, is not.

We cannot do anything without some source of fuel energy.  The entire system is built upon it.

That little Y2K scare was a warm up.

Mangling Mengele

September 13, 2007

One of my primary reading subjects is history.  I find the history of conflict very compelling.  My main area of interest is the Second World War, with a specific focus on the Third Reich. 

I’ve read a lot about the National Socialists (NSDAP), the Wehrmacht, Abwehr, Luftwaffe, Schutzstaffel (SS).  I’ve read about the Nazi war strategy and it’s failures.  I’ve read about the Concentration Camps, the Einsatzgruppen (travelling murder squads). 

I’ve read about such notables as Himmler, Hitler, Goebbels, Goring and so on. I knew these men were an abomination.  I knew the Third Reich is a horrible stain in the history of humanity. I did not fully comprehend how completely disgusting these people were.  I still don’t fully appreciate it. 

However, my recent reading concerning doctors, medicine and science in the Third Reich has made me realize how much more I need to learn, how much more disgust I need to cultivate. 

The Nazis, without a doubt, are the worst collection of people to have ever united on this planet. Last night, I became a little more intimate with the story of Josef Mengele.  josef-mengele-1935.jpgHe was supposed to have been the camp physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but he did nothing to help anyone. He considered himself both a doctor & a geneticist…he was neither.  

His every action was contrary to the Hippocratic Oath.  His every experiment was a slap in the face of scientific method (empiricism). He experimented on twins.   If you want to use twins for genetic experimentation, they need to be identical twins.  Fraternal twins are no more twins than you and one of your older/younger siblings, insofar as you do not share ‘identical’ DNA.  This was known in the late 30s (before Mengele’s experiments).  Mengele did not always use identical twins.  In fact, he didn’t even always use fraternal twins.  There was at least one occurrence of brothers (9 month age difference) being experimented on. 

The specifics of some of his experiments are so disgusting that I do not want to relate them here.  In general, he would treat one of the twins poorly & leave the other one alone.  Then, he’d have them both killed and dissected in order to discover if there were any differences in their bodies, organs, etc. 

In one extreme example, he wanted to see if he could manufacture Siamese twins and had two children stitched together.  They died during the procedure. vernichtung-18.jpg Did Mengele contribute anything to the advancement of science? Unequivocally NO.  Most of his notes and records were destroyed for fear that they were a death sentence. 

Mengele fled Germany and the Allies at the conclusion of the war.  He was able to live out his natural life without any punishment for his crimes against humanity.   In the end, he was unrepentant.  He claimed to have “never personally harmed anyone in his life.” 

Mengele had concentration camp prisoners with medical training perform all his ‘surgeries’, which they would not have done without the threat of death from Mengele.  Personal responsibility (liability) is clear-cut everywhere but in his sick mind. 

Where is the justice in this world?