Your Ass & Holiday (get off of them)

May 7, 2007

I am tired of people who maintain the bare minimum in job performance.  Those who show up and complain all day about how slow the clock seems to be moving.  I work with some people who spend more time avoiding work (or getting others to do it), than they do actually working.  These same people will spend huge chucks of time fooling around on the Internet. 

[As a side note – I believe there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent screwing around on the Internet and the number/frequency of viruses (or other problems) encountered on their computer, where more = more.  But the laziesnever realize I am talking about them while I’m eradicating the latest Trojan down-loader from their system.  They are suffering from an internal ID10T (ID-ten-T) malfunction.  That would be a technical term I learned from my brother!!]

Even more mind boggling than their daily anguish over the clock is these people have a serious lack of knowledge & understanding regarding the purpose/function of their job.  All of the information they would need to learn is at their disposal.  All the time they need is at their disposal, by evidence of their actions.  Why don’t they put the two together?  Why don’t they try to become less of a burden on others (me)?  Simple answer – they don’t feel as though they have to, probably because of some ill-conceived notion that they’re not being paid enough to do any better.

 You don’t get promoted for showing up.  You don’t earn salary increases by simply occupying space.  If you’re costing the company money, they won’t offer you more because you’ll only cost more.

You have to perform.  You have to earn.  You have to learn.  You have to constantly be better.  You cannot plateau.  You can have the odd day off.  No one can go full-bore for too long without burning out.  But if you’re taking time off because the time at work is agonizingly slow & boring, than the last thing you need is a holiday.  You’re obviously already on one.